Does your board need to develop a business strategy that is well adapted for a digitalized world?

Digital transformation is basically an adaptation to maintain or increase the company's competitiveness and relevance in a digitalized world.

The adaptation is governed by the company's strategy. That is why many boards today demand knowledge and insights about digitalization and AI in order to be able to develop a robust strategy in a digitalised world, and this workshop offers just that.

Based on an introductory lecture that highlights ten megatrends and their origin in digitalisation, the group gets the opportunity to work with strategic issues linked to some of the trends — for example, a shift from product to services, focus on purpose and transparency, and new and unexpected strategic collaborations.

Target group:

The workshop is tailored for company boards and management teams, both in the private and public sector.


To provide the board and management team with the knowledge and tools required to develop a successful strategy in a digitalized world.


The workshop is planned as a half-day activity that can be included in the board's strategy day, but it can also be tailored based on different needs and wishes.

Prior to the workshop, a planning meeting is included to determine the structure and preliminarily select some focus areas.

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Mats Lewan has got a diploma from the certificate traing course on boardroom professionalism, Effective Company Directorship, by The Swedish Academy of Board Directors.

Workshop: Digitilization and AI for the board's strategy work