Get a moderator that relates both to your audience and to your technology

Some technology companies have tried to gain attraction at a conference or at a customer event by hiring a famous person as a moderator.

Many of them have found out that the result is poor –questions, discussions and comments on stage won't have the necessary depth, nor that interesting touch that adds to an inspiring experience.

With deep knowledge from many tech industries, and a long experience of being on stage, I can help to make your conference or your inspriation day a successful event, asking the right questions that make speakers open up new perspectives, while also engaging with your audience, making the atmosphere relaxed and hearty.

No topic is too complex. With a MSc degree in Physical Engineering, I'm able to grasp most technology fields. Yet, I always keep the audience in mind, focusing on the right mix of facts, inspiration and humour.

Recently I was the host and moderator at the digital event Framtidsarenan (video links available to all seminars). Also check a series of breakfast seminars with VISA about fintech and the future of payments, available as podcasts at Itunes.