Moderator at the digital event Microsoft Sustainable Transformation Summit Sweden, Nov 24, 2020. 


Moderator at the digital event Framtidsarenan,
Feb 17, 2021. 

You are already developing new methods using digital technology. But how future-proof is your long term strategy?

Digitalisation and AI are driving the largest transformation ever in human history, a transformation that just barely started. As in other major technology shifts, we all have to adapt to fundamentally changed conditions in order to remain competitive and relevant, and we need to look up to find our position in a new and different ecosystem.

But you cannot just scratch the surface. In his talks, Mats helps you get a clearer view of the ongoing change, and a deeper understanding of mega trends that are here to stay. Future is happening now, and you need to start asking the right questions.

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Workshop tailored for company boards

Specifically for company boards and management teams, Mats is offering a half-day workshop providing the knowledge and tools required to develop a successful strategy in a digitalized world.

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“I will make your audience understand what’s shaping the future and how to prepare”