Researching the effects of digitalization

As a research analyst I work with organisations such as the Stockholm School of Economics and Energiforsk (The Swedish Energy Research Centre), focusing on how technology, in particular digital technology, interacts with and changes the conditions for individuals, businesses, and society.

The research activity is highly rewarding, but 's also clear that however interesting it may be, research can make a difference only if it gets attention from a certain amount of people. And apart from the research itself, a central aspect of my work consists in communicating the results to a wide audience, in written reports and as a speaker.

Presently, I work in three projects:

The Internet and its Direct and Indirect Effects on Innovation and the Swedish Economy is a three-year project funded by The Internet Foundation in Sweden (IIS) and led by Professor Robin Teigland.

Among the reports so far are:

- 'Chasing the Tale of the Unicorn – A study of Sweden’s misty meadows'

- ‘Plug in Your Network – A Review of the Role Of Informal Networks For Knowledge Sharing And Innovation’

- 'The Rise and Development of FinTech – Accounts of Disruption from Sweden and Beyond' (Routledge).

- 'Digital Transformation and Public Services – Social Impacts in Sweden and Beyond (Routledge).

Digitalisation in the Energy Industry is a one-year project initiated by Energiforsk. A conference was held in Stockholm on May 17, 2018, and our two reports can be downloaded here.

• The effects of digitalization and electric vehicles on the transportation industry with regard to work and education – a research project commissioned by Transportföretagen, The Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises.

The report can be downloaded here (Swedish only).