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What people say...

"I asked my colleagues and they had these comments: Thoughtworthy! Well prepared and pedagogic! Passionate! Exhilarating! Exciting! Engaging! Revolutionary! Recommended! Everyone should get his lecture!

You brought strong emotions and thoughts. You painted a future scenario that is contrary to the foundations that govern our work as labor intermediaries, e.g. that  we should get people into work and create new jobs. What you said is revolutionary because it essentially means that society is slowly changing towards being more and more run by artificial intelligence rather than humans. Man is about to eliminate herself and no-one reacts. Future work is more specialized and qualified, while unskilled jobs will be carried out by robots and computers."

Horacio Clemente, Swedish Public Employment Service.

"An amazing and inspiring talk initiated by bringing an uneasy and unsettling feeling when Mats in an excellent manner visualizes where our world is headed and at what furious pace this is happening. The lecture ends splendidly where the audience's feeling of unease is abruptly replaced by hope in that he manages to raise awareness of the enormous and amazing opportunities we have in the radical paradigm shift that we currently find ourselves in."

Carin Åsen, Head of IT, Dep of Med Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Karolinska Institutet. 

"I would like to thank you Mats for the outstanding and thought provoking presentation you held at the inauguration of our new production facilities in Stenungsund, Sweden. We are a 'bricks and mortar' type of company with a traditional thinking style. The use of new technology is not obvious to us. Nevertheless, you were able to take an idea from concept into something exciting and visual, that really reinforced the message you wanted to get across. You managed to inspire a large and diverse group of people with your way of communicating in an excellent way. I would warmly recommend others to use your services."

Jan Secher, President & CEO, Perstorp Holding AB.

Among my enthusiastic clients are companies and organisations such as Microsoft, Hill & Knowlton, Rodolfo, Telia, ABB, Uniper, VISA, Perstorp, Xylem/Flygt, Toyota, Tieto,, Karolinska Institutet, SAP, Arbetsförmedlingen, Cygate, Ricoh, Etteplan, Statkraft, Länsförsäkringar, Elgiganten and more.