I will make you see and understand a future that is way beyond what you imagine.

Did you ever feel that things are changing fast, but that it's hard to define what's really going on? You're right. And the change is happening much faster than you would believe!

In my talks I explain the force of change in technology and innovation, and how it will transform our lives and our society forever in the next few decades, at an accelerating pace.

I help companies, organizations, and individuals to understand this change, to prepare for it, to see the opportunities, and to manage digital transformation— which in the end is all about humans.

With deep knowledge of technology, I describe how every industry will be hit by the second wave of digitalization  with technologies such as AI, Internet of Things, cognitive automation, and Blockchain, and how this will fundamentally change the way of doing business in all industries.

My talks—in English, Swedish or Italian—will give you a great deal of inspiration, business value, insights, and keys to digital leadership.

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People say:

– Thoughtworthy!

– Well prepared and pedagogic!

– Passionate!

– Exhilarating!

– Exciting!

– Engaging!

– Revolutionary!

– Recommended!

– He put fear in us!

– Everyone should get his lecture!

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