I will help you to prepare for the change technology brings

Did you ever feel that things are changing fast, but that it's hard to define what's really going on? You're right. And the change is happening much faster than you would believe!

In my talks I explain the force of change in technology, how it will transform our lives and our society forever in the next few decades, at an accelerating pace.

I help companies, organizations and individuals—both as a speaker and a consultant—to understand this change, to prepare for it, and to see the opportunities. With deep knowledge of technology, I describe how several industries will be hit by digitization, and how this will fundamentally change the ways of doing business.

I also give talks on the unbelieveable change that will hit the world with a new unexpected energy source – a true 'Black Swan' that you need to get ready for.

My talks will give you a great deal of inspiration, business value, enlightenment and useful tools for the future.

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People say:


– Thoughtworthy!

– Well prepared and pedagogic!

– Passionate!

– Exhilarating!

– Exciting!

– Engaging!

– Revolutionary!

– Recommended!

– He put fear in us!

– Everyone should get his lecture!